2 WEEKS – GIVEAWAY – DROP – 7.000€

2 WEEKS – GIVEAWAY – DROP – 7.000€

Are you ready to join the scariest and most entertaining giveaway in November?
It is of course completely free to participate, and you can win prizes to the value of 7,000€.
Let’s see what it takes to join!

2 WEEKS – GIVEAWAY – DROP – 7.000€

We have received many requests if we could run a very simple and good competition for our loyal followers. Of course we can. To participate, to have the opportunity to win the various prizes, you must do the following:

Step 1: Create a user at BetandPlay and PowerUp casino.
(You must create a user by clicking on the link below. If you have a previous user, its ok. But need to send proof.)
PowerUp: create user by clicking HERE.
BetandPlay: create user by clicking HERE.

Step 2: Be a member of our Discord channel. Click here to find it.

Step 3: Follow us on Twitch, you can find our Twitch channel here.

Step 4: Add us on Snapchat, our username is ValueGambling.

Step 5: Last but not least, send proof to the ValueGambling user in the Discord channel.

Nothing more? NO, then you are in.

2 WEEKS – GIVEAWAY – DROP – 7.000€

Information about the various competitions


First place: MacBook Air 15 M2/8/512 2023
Second place: iPhone 15 128GB

The winners of the main competition will be drawn live on Twitch on 15 November. Everyone who has then followed the rules for how you participate will get their name on a wheel of fortune. Good luck!


This happens completely and randomly on every single stream we have, every single day. Here you can win a bonus buy to the value of 100 euros. Should you be lucky enough to profit from this, you will get all the profit yourself. You will receive this directly to your E-wallet, bank or in crypto.


Three lucky winners will be drawn here during the period. You must of course have followed the requirements above to win. User “Enklere” on Twitch, will drop by the Twitch channel three times during the period. Where he draws active and completely random users in chat. Are you lucky?


This happens completely randomly on every single stream we have, every single day Here you can win from 5 – 20$ if you participate in the competition when it is posted in the Twitch chat.


From Wednesday 1.11.2023, this will take place live on our Twitch channel, which you can find if you click HERE. If you want to check out the best online casino bonuses, just click here. Or maybe you are are more in to sportbetting? Then you click here.

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