High roller casino bonuses

High roller casino bonuses

Exclusive high roller casino bonuses

If you are looking to take gambling to the next level, high roller casino bonuses is what you are looking for! On this page we have created a collection of the best high roller casino bonuses online. You can compare bonus amount, wagering requirements, terms & conditions and find the high roller bonus for you!

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What is a high roller casino bonus?

A high roller casino bonus is a special type of bonus that casinos offer to players gambling with high stakes. These bonuses are perfect for you if you gamble with significant amounts of money, as they let you deposit more money and give you bigger bonuses than normal.

Playing with a high roller casino bonus often makes you a VIP at the casino, which comes with a lot of rewards and benefits. Oftentimes, high rollers and VIP’s are given bigger bonuses with better terms & conditions.

How do high roller casino bonuses work?

How high roller bonuses work differs from casino to casino and from player to player. High roller bonuses are often tailored by the casino to the specific player to meet their expectations. Usually, to be eligible for a high roller bonus, you have to play with high stakes at a casino for a while. Sometimes you also have to be a loyal member of the casino’s loyalty or VIP program to be able to claim a high roller bonus.

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Types of high roller casino bonuses

There are many different types of high roller bonuses online, making it hard to choose which one to use. To make the choice easier for you, we have created a short list of different types of high roller bonuses you might encounter:

High roller no sticky bonuses

High roller no sticky bonuses are bonuses where the bonus money is not tied with potential winnings or your deposit money. This means that you have the opportunity to withdraw potential winnings and your deposit money without having to meet any wagering requirements. Being a high roller bonus, the bonus money is most likely much bigger than usual.

High roller welcome bonuses

High roller welcome bonuses are most commonly offered when you join a high roller casino. Regular casinos usually require you to have played with them for a while before you are eligible for their high roller bonuses, but at high roller casinos you might be eligible for a high roller welcome bonus.

High roller match deposit bonuses

A high roller match deposit bonus is a type of bonus where the casino matches your deposit amount in bonus money. What is different with high roller match deposit bonuses is that the max deposit limit is set much higher than regular. At the best online casinos, high rollers can usually receive a match deposit bonus up to several thousand dollars or euro.

High roller free spin bonuses

High roller free spin bonuses is a type of casino bonus where you receive free spins when claiming the bonus. Free spins received from a high roller bonus usually carries much higher value than free spins from regular bonuses. This gives you the opportunity to win big without using your bonus or deposit money.

Casinos with the best high roller bonuses

Not all online casinos offer great high roller bonuses. To make it easier for you to find the best high roller bonuses, we have created a list of the best online casinos and their high roller bonuses:

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How to use a high roller casino bonus

Claiming a high roller bonus is a simple process. All you have to do to activate a high roller bonus is to follow these 4 steps:

Step 1: Choose a high roller bonus in our collection

Use our collection of the best high roller casino bonuses to find the best high roller for you. When you have found the high roller you would like to use, click “REGISTER NOW” and you will be redirected to the casino bonus page.

Step 2: Register an account at the casino

After choosing the online casino and the high roller bonus, it’s time to create an account at the chosen casino. If you haven’t done it yet, click “REGISTER NOW” and you will be redirected to the casino bonus page.

Fill in your personal information accurately, such as your name, email, date of birth, and contact details, then create a username and password. If the registration form at the casino does not pop up automatically, click on “Register now” or “Sign up”. Once you have filled in the registration form, your account will be active and ready to use.

Step 3: Deposit real money and activate the bonus

After activating your account, you have to deposit real money to your account balance. Access the casino’s banking or cashier section, typically found in the top menu or under your account settings, and choose your preferred payment method. After the transaction is confirmed, your deposit will be added to your balance and the high roller bonus amount will be activated automatically.

If the high roller bonus you chose does not activate automatically, you can resolve this by contacting the casino’s customer support. If you require further assistance, please feel free to reach out to us at ValueGambling, and we will be more than happy to assist you.

Step 4: Start playing your favourite casino games

With money deposited to your balance and the bonus amount activated, you are ready to start playing your favourite casino games. Navigate to the casino’s game library to explore the diverse range of games available, including slots, table games, live dealer options, and more.

While playing at the casino, be sure to keep an eye on your real-money balance and bonus balance. Also be sure to familiarize yourself with the bonus terms and conditions to be able to get the most out of the high roller bonus. If you wish to withdraw any money from the balance, go to the banking or cashier section of the casino, and initiate the withdrawal process.

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How to choose the best high roller casino bonuses

If you’re looking for a high roller bonus, you might be unsure of where to begin your search. It can be quite overwhelming trying to figure out which casino provides the best bonuses and the best gambling experience.

To ensure you choose the best high roller bonus, it’s crucial to understand what factors to consider before making your choice. Here is a comprehensive list of aspects you should examine before claiming any high roller bonus:

Size of the high roller casino bonus

Naturally, the more potential money you can earn, the better the high roller bonus is. To maximize the potential winnings you should choose the high roller bonus with the greatest bonus amount. We also recommend you to choose an online casino with loyalty programs, which rewards you for playing at their casino.

Wagering requirements

Another important factor to consider when choosing a high roller bonus, are the wagering requirements. Even if a high roller bonus appears substantial, it may not be beneficial if the wagering requirements for the bonus money are excessively high. For this reason, we prioritize high roller bonuses with the lowest wagering requirements, as they make it easier to withdraw potential bonus money winnings.

Bonus add-ons

High roller bonuses often come with bonus add-ons or additional attachments, such as free spins. Rewards and bonus add-ons are something to look out for as they can significantly boost your chances of winning money when using a high roller bonus. Bonus add-ons are not the most important factor, but we still took it into consideration during our evaluation.

Use ValueGambling and our collection to find legit casinos

Understanding that reading the fine print can be a tedious task, we took it upon ourselves to thoroughly review the terms and conditions when selecting the best high roller bonuses in this collection. Any online gambling site with unreasonable or nonsensical conditions will not make it onto our collection of the best high roller bonus offers. This is why we urge you to use our collection of the best high roller bonuses, to be sure you end up playing at a legitimate online casino.

How we rate the best high roller casino bonuses

When it comes to selecting a high roller bonus at an online casino, there are numerous other crucial factors to consider. At ValueGambling, we carefully assess casinos and their bonuses based on everything from the gambling experience the casino offers, bonus terms & conditions, and the legitimacy of the casino.

Here is a list of the factors we considered when we rated the different high roller bonuses for our collection:

Overall bonus amount

When determining our collection of the best high roller bonuses, we begin by examining the overall bonus amount. As it is the most prominent aspect of a casino bonus. The bigger the bonus amount, the better the bonus.

However, it is important to note that the significance of bonus amounts may not be as high as players commonly perceive it to be, considering the other factors that must be taken into account. Nonetheless, the bonus amount should still be competitive, if not surpassing, offers from other similar online casinos.

Terms and conditions

As stated previously, our rankings of high roller bonuses go beyond considering just the overall bonus amount. The terms and conditions associated with the high roller bonus play a crucial role in determining the actual amount of withdrawable cash you can end up with. In fact, these terms and conditions often hold more significance than sheer luck or the bonus amount itself. To be regarded highly, a high roller bonus must come with transparent and concise terms and conditions, along with favorable wagering requirements.

Speaking of wagering requirements, they form a key aspect in understanding how much you can potentially earn. For instance, let’s consider two scenarios: a $100 bonus with a 1x wagering requirement. Would require you to wager $100 to convert it into withdrawable cash. On the other hand, a $100 bonus with a 5x wagering requirement. Would necessitate you to wager $500 before you can convert it. These requirements play a pivotal role in determining the ultimate value of a high roller bonus.

Eligible games

The eligibility of games is another crucial aspect of the terms and conditions that we consider in our high roller bonus rankings. The quantity and quality of eligible games play a significant role in determining the position of a high roller bonus.

For instance, certain bonuses may restrict you to a few slots that are not favorable to players. Resulting in unsatisfactory outcomes regardless of how enticing the rest of the high roller bonus may be. It can be quite frustrating to play through a high roller bonus with limited game options. Therefore, high roller bonuses that rank higher on our list will ideally offer a diverse range of eligible games, ensuring both quantity and quality are met.

Casino compatibility

It is essential for online casino platforms to be fully functional on mobile devices. The top casino sites are compatible with various operating systems such as iOS, Android, Windows, Blackberry, and others. Additionally, some casinos offer mobile apps that encompass all the necessary casino features.

Loyalty & VIP rewards

When you show loyalty to an online casino and invest a significant amount of money, you deserve to be recognized and rewarded with enhanced VIP offers. Top-rated online casinos, as highlighted on our site, often provide their VIP players with generous perks and promotions such as complimentary spins, superior customer service, quicker withdrawal times, higher limits, and a host of other exclusive benefits.

Responsive customer service

In the business of online casinos it’s essential to have readily available customer service that is responsive and offers impeccable assistance to all players. Typically, customer support services encompass online email support, live chat, and phone support. These channels should be prominently displayed and easily accessible on the casino websites, ensuring that you can easily find the help you need.

Payment methods

When selecting an online casino, the transaction process for deposits and withdrawals plays a vital role. Alongside offering a diverse range of convenient and safe payment methods, it is crucial that online casinos ensure reasonable transaction processing times.

At the best online casinos, deposits should be processed instantly, and withdrawals should be expedited as swiftly as possible. These practices contribute to a seamless and satisfactory experience for players, making them a critical aspect to consider in choosing an online gambling venue.

Legitimacy and legality

Rest assured, we have a strict policy against featuring any offshore or illegal gambling content, including high roller bonuses. Our commitment to maintaining ethical standards. Means that all the high roller bonuses we rank are fully legal, legitimate, and offered by regulated online casinos.

It is non-negotiable for us to only promote high roller bonuses that adhere to these guidelines. Therefore, if a casino operates in the black or grey market, or if it operates offshore, neither the casino nor its bonuses will receive any recognition or placement in our rankings.

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Pros and cons of high roller casino bonuses

High roller bonuses at online casinos come with their own set of advantages and disadvantages. Below, we have listed the pros and cons of high roller bonuses.




Being a high roller playing with high stakes at a casino comes with many advantages, such as significantly more bonus money and special rewards and offers. As with any bonuses offered in an online casino, high roller bonuses offers come with their own pros and cons. The biggest advantage with a high roller bonus is that you have the possibility to win big as you are playing with high stakes.

When choosing a high roller bonus, it is also important to use our collection of the best high roller bonuses to be sure that you end up at a legitimate and safe online casino.

We hope you enjoyed the article and gained enough information to find the best high roller casino bonus in our collection. To stay updated on the latest high roller bonuses, consider following ValueGambling.com on our social media and join our community forum.

FAQ - High roller casino bonuses

What is a high roller casino bonus?

A high roller casino bonus is a special type of bonus that casinos offer to players gambling with high stakes.

How does one qualify for a high roller bonus?

To qualify for a high roller bonus there are certain criterias you have to meet. The criterias could include making a larger-than-average deposit, being a loyal player at a casino, or playing with high stakes. The criterias to qualify for a high roller bonus differs from casino to casino and from player to player.

Do high roller bonuses have an expiration date?

Yes, high roller bonuses usually have a limited time for claiming and finishing the wagering requirements. Be sure to familiarise yourself with the time limit before claiming a high roller bonus.

What is the usual amount to qualify for a high roller bonus?

To get a high roller bonus at an online casino, you oftentimes have to deposit more than €1000. This varies from casino to casino, which you can compare in our collection of the best high roller bonuses.

Are high roller bonuses available for all casino games?

The availability of high roller bonuses varies according to the game. Some bonuses are game-specific, while others are flexible. You have to review the conditions to see which games are available with the specific high roller bonus.

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