We are proud to finally announce this Fantasy Premier League event. We know there have been many rumors if we would make this, and yes, we did!

With a prizepool off €25.000!!! With no requirements for tipping/transfer to join, we are convinced that this will become one off the biggest private hosted FPL-leagues. We can do this because of our sponsors who show their support for our journey.

What do you have to do to participate?
Link to the league ->
Code: 3fo4if
We have also made a facebook group for Fantasy Premier League 2023/2024.
In the group you will find everything you need participate!
You must be a member of the group to be validated to win!
You will find all the info you need in this facebook group!

Feel free to invite friends and acquaintances you know love Fantasy Premier League

We promised you the best? We deliver the best. Here you will have the opportunity to win great prizes every single FPL-round, even if you are perhaps out of the running for the main prize?
Main prizes (Season end Table):

  1. €7.000
  2. €3.500
  3. €1.500
  4. €750
  5. €500
  6. €250
  7. €100

Round winner:

  1. €150
  2. €100
  3. €50

We are excited to the start, and wish everyone the best of luck! May the Fantasy Premier League gods be with you 🙂

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