Join our Christmas Party!

Join our Christmas Party!


Are you ready to join ValueGambling at this year’s Christmas party? Like last year, we will organize a Christmas party for those who are most loyal and support us in ValueGambling. Maybe this means you have the chance to join? In previous years, we have held a draw, where we have drawn lucky winners. This is not the case this year. So which people are eligible to join?



Is everything free?

Every parties and events we have had, everything under the auspices of ValueGambling is of course free. Once you have received an invitation and confirmation that you can join. Then everything is free, enjoy.


How can I participate?

To find out if you have what it takes to join this year’s Christmas party, send a message to ValueGambling in our discord. You can find our discord by clicking here.



When and where will the party be?

The party will be on 16 December this year. Where this is held, we keep it a secret from others who are not going to participate. As we do not want others who do not have an invitation to come.


Do you have other questions? Send us a message in Discord.



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