ValueGambling – Forum – Opening – Competition – 10.000$

ValueGambling – Forum – Opening – Competition – 10.000$


Text about forum! Get in now.

ValueGambling – Forum

Wow, we are stoked and very humbled that we finally can present one of the best sport and casino forums on the marked! Not only have we put in many hours of work. But we have also made sure that you get the best of the best. We have been waiting for this for a while, but we really wanted to present a proper and good product to you. We have received many requests about when the forum will be ready, and yes, now it’s ready!!

Let’s jump straight to the competition!

As promised, we will of course ensure that we have an “opening competition”. And it’s not just a normal competition. It is of course free, and has great value for those who want to join. So what are you waiting for? Are you ready to hear what it takes to participate?

How can I participate?

  1. Create a user on our forum. Click HERE.
  2. Use the forum actively for whatever you want. Odds tip? Roulette strategy? Slots wins? Casino experiences? Good ones? Bad? Do exactly as you want, just use our forum actively. Also talk to other members. Feel free to share your experiences of the various casinos. Just be an active forum user.
  3. Is that all? YES.

What can I win?

The total prize pool is a whopping $10,000!! But why do we give out so much? We do this so that we can really give back to you loyal and good users of our forum and site. We need your feedback and your views on things we do. So that’s why we also choose to make this giveaway so big!

How do you draw the winners?

We draw random winners who use the forum actively, and post all the winners in the forum. (Winners every week)

How many winners are there?

A total of 40, yes 40 winners will be drawn! So here is the value great for you to win.

How much does each winner win?

15 winners will get 100$ each. 10 winners will get 200$ each. 10 winners will get 400$ each. While the last 5 winners will get 500$ each. All prizes are paid out in rawncash. E-wallets or crypto.

How long does the competition last?

The competition runs from 17 October 2023, and the last day will be 31 January 2024.

Text about forum! Get in now.

How should you use the forum?

Our forum is meant for you to be able to discuss and raise things with others who have the same interests as you. Also that we would like to have feedback and discussions about the various casinos. We will also get the various casinos to answer any questions that may arise. So do you have questions about the various casinos? Write it in our forum. Our forum is simply a platform for those who like sports, casino and games. Here there will be opportunities to discuss everything you want.

What categories do you have on the forum?

– Casino/slots chat

– Bookmaker chat

– Competitions chat

– Odds/sport chat

– ValueGamblings Odds/sport tips

– General chat

Text about forum! Get in now.

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