Win relax trip with ValueGambling

Win relax trip with ValueGambling

Ready to win a relax trip with us in ValueGambling?

After our previous extremely successful trip with over 15 winners from our communty. Have we chosen to listen to you, again. We are running a new competition where you can win a trip with us at ValueGambling at the spa. Not only do you win a trip, but absolutely everything is free. ValueGambling pays for everything. Do you also want to bring a friend on a trip? No problem, you can do that.



It will all take place March 8-10, 2024. From Friday to Sunday, two days trip with us in ValueGambling. If you want to see a video from the last time we were on tour, you can check it out here. You may already be thinking that it is not possible for you to win? Get yourself away from that thought. We will draw a total of 12 winners also this time, so this will be good! You also have to keep in mind that we’re not the biggest community, so you have a great chance of winning.

How can I participate?

1. You need to follow or add us on Snapchat. Our username is ValueGambling


2. You must of course be a member of our Discord. To become a member, click here.


3. Be registered through one or more partners with us. You can find all our partners by clicking here.


4. Send us a message in Discord. Write “Relax trip with ValueGambling”. Our Discord you can find here.



Terms & Conditions

– The competition runs from 15.12.2023 – 26.02.2024


– It will be possible to collect a total of maximum 50 tickets during the period.


– 12 winners will be drawn live on stream after the competition has ended.


– Should you win, but would not participate. Can we offer you cash prizes instead.


– It is not possible to give away or exchange the prize with others.


– Updates on participants and number of tickets will be updated in a separate channel in our Discord.


– Other questions? Contact us by mail or in Discord.


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