Text of WORLD-CUP BONUS BUYS, writed by ValueGambling.

Welcome to world-cup in bonus buy on! Of course, it’s totally free to attend tournaments every single Thursday. Everything will happen on our Twitch channel -> ValueGambling – Twitch. Every thursday, 20.00, on Twitch – it will be qualification rounds. Here you can qualify to the final round, which is 21.March.2024! Every thursday the winner of the qualification rounds will get a ticket to the final, and 50$.

To participate:

Weekly prizepool:

  • 50$ to the winner

Final prizepool:

  1. 1. Place – 1.500$ raw money
  2. 2. Place – 1.000$ raw money
  3. 3. Place – 800$ raw money
  4. 4. Place – 500$ raw money

It will be a total of 24 winners, who are going to the final – 21.March.2024!

Roules and terms:
– You must be able to buy bonus on the slot you pick.
– The bonus must cost 100x.
– Add us on snapchat, username: ValueGambling
– Each bonus will be bought for 100$
– There will be bought 3 bonuses of each slot chosen.
– The format is knockout rounds, 8 people gets chosen, 1v1 until we get a winner.
– You get double tickets in the wheel, if you have done a deposit or more on BetPlays!
– Of course, it’s totally free to attend tournament!

Quick Questions and Answers

Questions: Is it free to join?
Answers: Yes, just watch us live on Twitch every thursday.

Questions: Can i win 1.500$ raw money? Can i use them on what i want?
Answers: Yes, you can.

Questions: Can all of my friends also join?
Answers: Yes, everyone can join this.

Questions: I also want to try some casino, where should i play?
Answers: Then you have to check out the bonus site, click HERE.

Other questions? Ask us on Twitch, or send us a mail to

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Text of WORLD-CUP BONUS BUYS, writed by ValueGambling.

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